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Hey ya'll. I'm selling my custom fiberglass sub enclosure at Yogi's Meet next month at Autobacs. I'm lazy to take pics, but you will be able to hear the sub in my car, then i will disconnect the system and sell to whoever has cash.

it fits the 7th gen accord trunks.

It's currently connected to a 13Kv.2 Elemental Design sub and was designed for its size. it's a 1.1 cubic feet sealed enclosure. It fits nearly perfectly into the right corner of the trunk, giving great trunk space for storage. It is currently covered in black cheapo suede, but you can recarpet it quite easily.

unlike other designs, it was carefully molded and curved to accomodate the trunk lid arm. when closed, there is about .5cm of clearance.

i'm posting so that people can call dibs and PM me prices. i may have some pics of the building process stored somewhere, if i can find it i will post it.

also, i have an amprack that replaces the spare tire and fits two Nine.2 elemental design amps. I should have pics of those as well. all will be sold at the yogi meet to make room for my next setup.

PM prices, post to call dibs. pics to come eventually =) please don't lowball, i spent nearly 2 months every weekend to get this system where it is and will not sell at the wrong price. thanks!
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