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Hey Guys

im doing a overhaul on my car after it got vandalized. so im selling my full trunk enclosure, rims and seats.

1. Soundstream custom trunk enclosure fits 03-07 coupes. comes with all that you see accept the Nitrous Express tank (can sell the 5lb NE tank, billet bracket and fuel solenoid if you want)

Soundstream components (2) 10" subs, (2) 2 channel amps for subs (1) four channel amp for your speakers (2) monitors w/remotes (barely used only for show, I will also throw in a 1/2 din eq for free

Sub enclosure is custom made fiberglass and wood covered in suede and paint. Painted part can be easily changed to any color you like (if you live in So Cal my guy can do it for cheap)

Im looking for serious offers on this, custom enclosure alone was 2gs but Im not asking for anything crazy, please PM me

2. 5zigen Hyper 5ZR rims, I think I only had these since the beginning of this year. Staggered fitment 19x8.5 42 offset front and 19x9.5 42 offset rear. black w/polished lip in excellent condition. each rim costs ($700 a piece

comes with BF goodrich g-force tires, tires alone are $1000. I would say 85% tread left and I will include one brand new tire for the front ($300 worth)for free. tires are 245/35 front and 265/25 rear.

cars rides very nice with this set up and would cost you $3800 brand new, will fit your car, all you have to do is roll the fenders which is cheap and easy to do. throw me a serious offer, will also come with a brand new set of Pro racer lug nuts ($150) for free

3. Yonoka Type R racing seats in black with red stitching, comes with brackets, barely used as well. looking for $350. brackets alone are $150

please dont be shy to send me a offer, Ive hooked alot of people on this forum. if you buy more the better the price. i prefer local pick up but of course shipping is determined on your location. I est shipping on the system through freight to bee $200 and same for rims/tires.

thanks for looking!

03 Accord 6/6, 09 Audi A4
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Lovin the seats. Would match my black/red/silver scheme. Too bad I'm in a 6th gen or I would gladly take these off your hands....unless the brackets aren't much different to mount those Tanaka's in my cabin. Any info on that "sunnyincali"?

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Your car was vandalized? That sucks big time man.

Chances are it's somebody you know!

good luck with the sale
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