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Ok I have my set of D2 Coilovers for sale. I had a thread opened for this along time ago, kinda sold then to my buddy but he returned them haha cause family issues. Anyways had them reinstalled since. I put in 5-15 miles a day depending on the day of week. But I would say the coils dont have at most 15k on them. So there you go, a brief discription of whats going on.

Payed: 800 for them brand new.
Want: 600 FIRM. Shipping maybe. I'll also consider reasonable offers.
Condition: GREAT!! Comes with everything you need!!!!!
Specs: 36 Levels Dampening. I forgot the spring rates lol

Anymore questions please feel free to ask. Pictures will be up as ASAP! Just took then off last night.
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