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Da Official 7-5-7 Roll Call!!!!!!!

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Alright people, this is ya boy TBG23 and my car will soon be out the shop and I'm going to want to hang out with my fellow V6p members and invite some more to the site. I wanna see who's all in the 757. Va. Beach is where I'm at, and I've been here since sept. 2004. Now if you guys are down for some nice meets/bbq's get together's and caravans to car shows and what not. Let me know and answer up.

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Hello, this thread seems to have died down a lil but here it goes anyways.
I live in the NN area but im currently deployed. I drive an 05 Accord Ex coupe i4 2.4L and its pretty stock right now but as soon as i get back im gonna start working on it so it would be nice to know some people in my area who share the same interest.

^I wish i could join yall but i wont be able to until next year... keep me updated though and ill be sure to come out when i get back!!!
No posts since march huh?
This is for anyone around the NN area: Just got back from deployment and i posted earlier that i own an 05 Accord coupe, no mods yet but im planing on working on it here in the next couple weeks. Im going to a meet this weekend that a buddy of mine invited me to so thats a start. Hope to get a reply soon so hopefully we can get a meet going on! PM me if anything.
yeah i noticed. Thats alright, a friend of mine told me about this meet and i went there last week and it was pretty cool! Its in the regal/kiln creek area, have you been there?
So whats up with a meet? Maybe we can get something going on huh? Hit me up if anybody is interested.
Hey ive been to some of them meets... its pretty cool, what u drive? im definitely lookin out for you when i go next weekend.
Ill be the accord with the 1up mushroom in the back window!
1 - 6 of 75 Posts
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