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Da Official 7-5-7 Roll Call!!!!!!!

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Alright people, this is ya boy TBG23 and my car will soon be out the shop and I'm going to want to hang out with my fellow V6p members and invite some more to the site. I wanna see who's all in the 757. Va. Beach is where I'm at, and I've been here since sept. 2004. Now if you guys are down for some nice meets/bbq's get together's and caravans to car shows and what not. Let me know and answer up.

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oh...and I hope no one suffered damage from the poor driving conditions. I did see a black 07 accord with TL type-s rims on the side of Dam Neck road coming out of the base.

Hey thats me ! :cool: Yeah, i'm good. It's in the shop getting fixed so i should have it back soon. Stupid road conditions with no sand and stupid navy closing the base in the middle of the storm. But whenever i get it back, i'll be down for a meet.
So anyone trying to do a meet sometime this month?
1 - 3 of 75 Posts
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