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Hey Guys I have a Computer I need to get rid of. its just kicking around. Nothing special but it has a lot of upgrades

dimension 8100.

768MB RAM.
ATI 9600 Pro AGP video with 128 mb mem.
Soundblast Audigy upgraded card. Don't know which model it was like 100 bucks
20GB harddrive Brand new. I used to have a bigger one in their but that went into my xbox :D
1.3 ghz speed.

I used to play games on this but I'd be surprised if the new games can run on it. Things are getting crazy. Perfect for music, watching movies, doing work on Office or posting in forums on Has XP pro installed on it.
It has dvd player and then a cdrwin it.

Best offer. I know its not a powerhouse but no lowballing please.
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