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ok here things im not gona use and trying to get rid of some stuff to reduce inventory.
might take trades for menz or megs polishes but not sure yet.
all things are make an offer unless priced
1z sample bottles can be shipped with each order (1 per order) as free item (choose which one you want)

also 23" samsung monitor for sale . bought it year ago and never used it. backlight went out on it but samsung fixed it under warranty. it still have warranty on it till november of 2012
link to monitor info Micro Center - Samsung 2343BWX 23" Widescreen LCD Monitor 2343BWX

here is what i have to sell/trade. also check my collection thread to see if there is something there that you might want to trade

leather-master stuff are gone
Dodo Juice Blue Velvet ( 30ml jars) (used on one panel, 1.3oz remaining, new one is 1.4oz on scales)
Poorboy's Natty's Paste Wax BLUE (i guess full or almost full)
Pinacle Paste Glaz
Meguiar's #26 wax almost full
Meguiar's Tech Wax 2.0 almost full
Meguiar's Gold glass wax
P21S Concours Look Carnauba Wax (jar is cracked on outside but inside tub is not. there is 4.5-4.6oz of wax left in it. not sure how much there is in it originally, comes with original applicator and instructions inside
Einszett polishwax about 150ml

Optimum polish
Optimum hyper compound
Optimum compound
Optimum Poli-seal

6.5 pads, LC pads except for white and orange, make an offer

let me know what you looking for as well, i might have it

looking for

4" pads
PB natural look
other leather cleaner/conditioner
menzerna and meguairs (m105/205) polishes,
other things.

let me know anything else, never know what i might want

Shipping gona be via USPS priority flat rate boxes (found out that if you ship more then pound or so its cheaper to use those things)
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