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Okay guys I guess this is the first DIY I will be doing. This is for the great, Ingalls rear camber kit! *[I HONESTLY did not know I was going to do this DIY so.. I sorta just took limited amount of pictures. OH and I dont know if this was posted up before.. if so.. OH WELL.] Picture below~

The main sizes for the bolts are 14mm and 17mm. So.. here it goes with the tools. First of all, you'll need:
-14mm and/or 17mm spanner (Recommend getting both) *If you don't know what a spanner is.. GOOGLE Image "spanner".
-14mm socket , 17mm socket
- a good length 3/8-1/2" socket wrench to use all the leverage you can get to take off the screws.
-torque wrench (set at 45 lbs/ft)
-a monkey wrench [a medium sized one]
- 21mm spanner

1st step is obviously to raise your car up high enough.. or maybe to the maximum height that it can go. Start by taking off the wheels and set them aside.

Then you'll see your rotor and a whole bunch of other control arms and brake lines and such.

Basically what you want to look at is this arm right here. (Circled in red below)

You want to use your 17mm socket to take out the first nut, which is the one on the right, circled in yellow.

Then after that, you want to take the bolt that's connected to the other end of the arm. The left one circled in yellow. Basically what you want to do with this one is to get a 14 mm spanner and hold it in place while you use a 17mm socket or vise versa. Which ever way is most convenient for you.

After that is out, get your Ingalls control adjustable control arms, and adjust it to the same length as the OEM one. I suggest you make it so that both ends of the ingalls control arm are about equal length, not 1 side to be taken out more than the other. as you do this.. I suggest you do it with the the rest of the ingalls control arms to save some time.

**Alright, time for the next step, but before that, you can take this time.. to either put one of the Ingall's control arm back into the designated area (where the oem control arm that you just took out was) OR you can go ahead to take out the other one. It doesn't matter and it won't mess up anything, I already did this and.. it didn't make a difference.You want to torque the screws at 45 lbs/ft. The one circled yellow in the far left MIGHT not torque, and the screw might keep spinning and spinning.. I think when it does it.. just stop. I think the screw is at it's limit and it just won't go in. But if it does torque and stop, then that's even better.**

Okay, so after that is done and set (which ever route you took), you can get your hands on a 14 mm socket and head for the nut circled in green above. I found out that the 'nut head' on the other side to welded on, so you only need to use the 14mm to screw out. Thanks Honda. :up:

Okay so after that extremely long nut is out, the control arm will obviously sorta slip out. Next, is to take off the other part of the control arm. The picture below sorta makes it self explanatory for you.. If I'm not mistaken the socket sizes are correct. I don't remember very well, but it should be correct, if not.. switch them. No harm done. You wanna keep the 14 mm spanner on the other side and use a 17 mm socket for this part. Or .. if you want vise versa.

After that, the control arm comes out and in goes the Ingalls one. One tip is to leave the ingalls control arm.. not TOO tight, but enough so you can toy around with it to make it longer or short so the screws will go in. See picture below>

THEN, after that is done, you do what this bottom picture tells you to do.

finally.. YOU'RE DONE.. with one side. Put your wheel back on, torque the lugs at around 75-80 lbs/ft and you're set. Now do the other side.

Good luck, I'm not responsible for damages on your car or whatnot. I just drove 3 hours with the ingalls on, and nothing seems to be wrong or anything like that. But if something does go seriously wrong.. >_> I'm not a part of it. This is an extremely install.. so I dunno how you can seriously mess up. NOW go get an alignment and be happy.

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I was wondering about Wicked or other name brand. I might just go with Ingalls, though. Shopping around for best quality for the price!
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