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Weather Stripping:
i been wanting to replace my driver side weather strip and one in the bottom part of the trunk area

both are much easier than i thought, basically just pull them off, i used 3M weather stripping adhesive in Yellow since the old stuff looked does come in black and i believe clear

the one on the actual door itself is held on by a bunch of tabs and way more involved than simply pulling off, putting in some adhesive glue, and installing the replacement

Acura Door Sills:
since i was in that area, i'm not sure if someone has done this before but hopefully my experience can help someone in the future

so if you don't wanna spend like $200-250 on genuine JDM door sills, the Acura OEM Door Sills from the:

Acura TL 3G & Acura TSX 1G

are direct replacement for the Fronts on the Honda Accord 4 Dr. Sedan. Meaning that the tabs on the backside match up and snap in perfectly

There's 2 different patterns, the horizontal lines from TL and the square pattern from a TSX

they can be had for fairly cheap at local junkyards, i think i paid $20ish for the front x2 and rears x2

they can be had on eBay for like $35ish

took them to my Graphics guy and got rid of the pesky ACURA logo for $15 for background and lettering w/out install

if you want the Rears too, they are NOT a direct fit. basically both the TL & TSX have a curve that the OEM Accord ones don't

TL is top (blk) & TSX (grey) bottom. TL has a bigger curvature

i went the simplest route i could think of, remove the Metal plate from the Acura TSX ones and transfer them to our OEM ones. really simple, bend back the metal tabs:

its not perfect but you can bend the top tabs straight on to the OEM ones and drill holes for the bottom ones:

covered the pesky Acura Logo:

total cost was $35ish for 2x Acura TL front Sills & 2x Acura TSX rear Sills + $15 for the vinyl

its not completely smooth since the ACURA lettering is etched but i like them so far

if you wanna take them a step further, this thread could help:
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