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Im selling all my DJ equipment. This stuff is all top of the line equipment. Seriously the best DJ equipment around. If you bought all this stuff at retail it would cost you more than 8k

1- Vestax QFO
2- Vestax PDX 2000 Pro Turntables
1- Vestax PMC007 Mixer
1- Vestax CDX-05 CD player
1- Vestax KMX-3 Headphone
2- Vestax VK-2300 Upgrade kit
1- Vestax DA-X1000 Amp
3- Ortofon Needles with extra stylus
2- Cerwin Vega speakers (w/ 2 15" speakers and tweeters)
1- Carring case with Amp and effect machines
1- Custom Table

I would like to get $3500 for everything or $2500 for everything minus the speakers and amps.

I also have alot of Vinyl That I might want to sell. (progressive, house, old house, Hard house)

1 - 6 of 6 Posts