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DJ Equipment Clearance Sale (DC Metro preferred)
My wife says I don't party like its 1999 anymore so I have to clear out my old DJ lights out of the storage room. My loss (monetary and sentimental) is YOUR gain!

1) 2 American DJ Mini Startec 2, Intelligent Lighting plus 1 DMX System Controller w/ joystick and programmable memory - $750 for all 3 pieces. The 2 intelligent lights come boxed and cushioned. The DMX system comes wrapped in bubble wrap since it used to be protected inside a rack mount SKB case. Heck, I'll even throw in a free pair of O-clamps.

2) 1 American DJ Vertigo lighting effect. It's shaped like a mushroom and sound activated - $50

3) 1 American DJ Charisma lighting effect. It's big, has two halogen lamps and puts out some good light. Search Google (new version is the Charisma 2) to see what kind of lighting it gives out - $80 includes original box.

4) 1 DJ USA Pearl. It's a rectangular box that puts out a spinning lighting effect - $50 includes original box.

5) 2 American DJ Snap Shot Strobe lights and 1 S-4 (4 channel) strobe light controller. $160 for all 3 pieces all boxed up and cushioned. INCLUDES a pair of O-Clamps FREE!

6) 1 Moving Heads Hazer Machine HX100. This heavy duty hazer machine puts out a LOT of haze w/o the intensity of fog. This helps showcase your lighting effects w/o setting off smoke detectors. We've used these successfully at area hotels w/o setting off any smoke alarms. I really LOVE this machine, but I no longer use it. It's only been used twice since almost all the weddings we used to DJ don't even want to chance a fire alarm with ANY sort of haze or fog machine. I got it for about $450 and selling it now for $350. Its pretty much in mint condition and will come in its original box.

7) 2 Yamaha Subwoofers Model SW118IV. 500 program, 1000 max. These 18" subs are club quality and put out an incredible amount of bass. One of the units had its driver repaired under warranty. It's been used 5 times and we just got tired of lugging this beast around....especially when clients wouldn't pay the extra premium we charged to shake the whole building down. It's been sitting in storage for the past 4 years and is pretty much mint quality. It's covered in heavy duty carpet felt. You can still google SW118IV and find lots of pictures. Please note, this unit has the larger box than the newer SW118 series. $500 for the pair.

8) 1 Toptone black carpeted slanted dual rack 10 space top, 4 space bottom (10x4). It's wrapped in plastic and has only been used inside a home. $80

Individually these items add up to $2020. I put these pricing in case people want to part it out. If you want the WHOLE PACKAGE I will sell for $1800. That saves you over $220!! It's all gotta go in July so contact me ASAP! Below are just some of the pictures I took. Contact me for more pictures of the controllers.

OBO so PM me asap

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