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ACCORD 03-04-05-06
coupe or sedan
$65 shipped
I am going a different route with my accord...
Paid $100 for loss.....

Adjustable Coilovers are designed to give you the look you want while maintaining the quality ride that you desire. These coilovers allow adjustment anywhere from 0"- 4" depending upon its application. Height is adjusted through use of a threaded sleeve that fits over your stock or aftermarket shocks and a dual locking perch mechanism.

These are authentic DropZone Racing Coilovers.

DropZone coilover systems are precision engineered to be the ultimate in suspension performance. Carefully matched springs rates and height adjustability provide terrific handling, response, control and balance. DropZone coilovers allow you to adjust the vehicle's lowering from 0" to 4". These coilovers provide excellent vehicle stability through corners, and high quality construction makes DropZone a powerful choice for suspension enthusiasts.

DropZone offers a quality that far exceeds those cheap coilovers which have a tendency to creak, create too stiff of a ride, or even break. They are manufactured at the same plant and to the same specs as top of the line Skunk coilovers that cost hundreds of dollars. That's why we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY. And DropZone provides excellent technical support that is not offered by companies selling the cheap, low quality coilovers.
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