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Eclipse 7" AV8533 Monitor - $1200 Shipped!

Eclipse AV8533 Monitor - $1200 Shipped!

Sup everyone, I'm selling my Eclipse AV8533 7" monitor, for $1200 SHIPPED, Bought it for around $1500 two months ago, but selling it since the unit is used.
Includes EVERYTHING to even the Wirings, Original box and manuals. AND THIS UNIT IS IMMACULATE, I take care of my products!!!! I have TONS of pictures.

Touch-Control Display

* Wide 7 Touch-Control TFT active matrix LCD
* High-definition picture quality
* Screen brightness control
* Pressure-sensitive sensor for ideal touch response
* Glareproof, non-smudging, anti-reflective screen finish
* All aspect ratios from normal to 16:9 shown
* Reinforced power-operated display mechanism

New Advanced DSP

* All optical disc formats – DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, CD, CD-R, CD-RW reproduced as well as MP3s
* 5.1 channel decoding for DVD-Video, DVD-Audio and Dolby Prologic II program material
* Uses 2 independent DSP chips for specific processing tasks
* Processing power of 150mips

DSP Functions

* Signal level for multi-speaker setups
* Speaker time alignment for accurate imaging
* Parametric EQ for flat in-car frequency response
* Frequency spectrum analysis test mode with microphone
* MP3 Harmonic Restorer/Enhancer function restores harmonic data lost during MP3 encoding.
* Bass management to increase system overall dynamic range
* Digital Dynamic Range Compressor (DDRC)

Audio Features

* High-sensitivity integrated twin laser pickup and digital servo system for accurate playback from any optical disc format
* Shock-resistant oil-damping
* Large memory buffer and redundant error correction
* STARTUNERV for superb FM and AM reception
* Powerful MOSFET amplification of 50W 4 and another 30W 1 channel
* High 8V preamplifier outputs at low 55½ impedances
* Convenient telephone mute

Additional Features

* Matrix AV selector
* E-LAN data link system
* ECLIPSE Security Network (ESN)
* Dimmer control
* Rear-view camera ready (optional)

For more info, please refer to this link:

Can take more pics if needed, here are some installed in my car:

Thanks for looking and PM me if you are seriously interested, thanks!


Markus :freak2:

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^^ seen this in person and i'll vouch for the quality and condition it is in.

awesome unit but markus and I have plans of going another route :D OEM!!! hah!

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i'm vouching for a cool guy honest guy to deal with and a cool guy to hang out with....
free bump

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Hongda said:
Too bad it doesn't have navigation or else i'd get it.
^ you can add it, and that's why my price on this is lower, or other wise you'd be spending more, BUMP!

PM me please, don't post here like I said please.
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