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2002 Accord EX-V6 Couple

Any suggestions/diagnosis is greatly appreciated - Regrettably, I do not have any mechanical knowledge beyond vehicle components & logic. But can follow instructions & suggestions with a little input

Issue - Headlights & brake lights flashing on/off with clicking sound coming from relay box under the hood. Only stops when battery disconnected

*Emergency flasher blinks independently of actual issue

Have had issues with brake lights going out - The [STOP] fuse was blowing. Would replace with new 20A & issue would be solved.

Recently, right headlight wouldn't turn on when I turned on the lights (sometimes) but if I gently knocked the headlight cover, light would turn on every time

ABS & TCS indicator lights always glowing on dash, when checked by mechanic, no issue determined

No noticible issues driving or abnormal sounds or problems

Alternator replaced 12 months ago, battery is 6 months old - car still starts strong with healthy charge to battery

Other electrical units functioning properly (cruise control, turn indicators, power windows, sunroof, radio/speakers etc)

No aftermarket CD/system or alarm

High mileage from work travel but engine still runs remarkably well & never involved in collision
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