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I recently installed an amp under my front seat for my Boston Acoustics PRO60SE and I have some leftover install parts that are just lying around. I figure $4 is fair, and another $1 for each additional item.
You can paypal me at [email protected]

Here's my ebay rating

Knukonceptz 4ga blue power wire - 8.5' $5

Knukonceptz 16ga speaker wire - I have two runs, one is 32 feet and the other is 18'. $5 for the 32' and $3 for the 18' (the 18' is in the upper right, the 32' isn't pictured)

Knukonceptz 16' RCA cable with remote turn on lead. - $5
I originally was going to use this, so the remote lead was stripped on one end, but then I used a much smaller RCA to reach from the stereo to passenger seat.

I bought 1/2" speaker depth extenders for 6.5" speakers, but I was able to cut the stock plastic one and the BA supplied one to squeeze them in there. These are still in the package - $8

I have some adapters that came with my speakers, but I'm not sure if anyone would be able to use them. Here's the link to the manual so you see the exact hole locations and measurements.
5x7" adapter - $1 for the pair

6.5" adapter - $1 for the pair

Let me know if you have any questions.
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