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9,500 Firm

04 accord black on black coupe V6 6 speed with only 30K miles
Fully stock except an K&N cold air intake. Car hasnt been driven much and reason for sale is because I have two cars and dont really need this car. Car runs fine with cold A/C. Serious buyers only please. Car has been sitting for the past 13 months and only taken out once a week to keep the car running and everything circulated. Oil and everything up to date. You can search for specs online. Its stock so nothing special. Car runs as good as new.

The Bads-
This car does have a salvage title and I have seen people clear them so dont give me that bull **** and try to low ball me. I dont care. The car was hit in the driver door and everything has been replace with OEM parts I think they reinforced the body panel too required by law on the driver door side. NO frame hits or anything.
I left the car unlook one day DURNING the day for 30 minutes and someone stoled the bottom back seats, the H and V6 emblems in the back and the front driver seats. I replaced the rear seat. THere is a small tear on the front seats and the back seat doesnt fit tightly. DOesnt effect anything and seat has heated seats still.
The radio antenna has been cut I believe so no signal but CD player and XM radio works. The screen is out though. That was a recall but I never got to it.
The car since has been sitting under a tree and the garage most of the time hasnt been wash so can use a good buff or wax for shine again.
Last someone tried to steal one of my rims but found out there was a lock on it so took only my lugs. Every rim is missing a lug
One fuse is blown for interior light when door is open and Im too lazy to replace it.

Its just little things. All performance and machanic is 100% working and every since in my ownership Ive only driving like 3K miles. I dont race the car or anything. I do all that in the solara and the supra.

I am asking 9,500 firm and the cars in great condition other then those little things. I know the price is fair considering how I see other salave POS with 90K miles with frame damage goes for 8-9Ks on here and 00 or less model year. This price is pretty fair.

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