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up for sale are my 18x7.5 rh evo gt5 rims. they are gunmetal with a polish lip. they come with 2 falken st115 tires and 2 kuhmo escas. all 225/40/18. fronts have 65% rears 85%

$500 plus shipping obo. located in central NJ (freehold)

condition of the wheels:

front- both fronts have a half inch crack on the inside of the rim. my tire guy said they can be fixed for under $75. just needs to be welded. they have a slow leak. i still ride on them and carry a portable compressor and fill it once in da morning once at night. passenger side has some curbing but not noticable from 4 ft away since its closer to the tire.
rears- they have 1 bend on each rim which do not affect the ride at all.

heres a pic of them for now. will get pics of them on my silver tl dropped on hnr sports. would love to keep them and get them fixed but i work 15 hr days so dont have time. these rims are hott esp on a silver tl.

i have over 3,000 post over on an have plenty of ppl who can vouch for me.

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