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It’s a Toshiba 1415-s173
Intel Celeron 1.8Ghz Processor
256 KB L2 Cache / 400 MHz front side bus
30 GB Enhanced IDE(ATA-5) hard disk
DVD-ROM/CDRW All-in-one drive
3.5" 1.44 MB floppy disk drive
NVIDIA GeForce4 420 Go graphics card with 16 MB of internal memory
Integrated 10/100 Ethernet LAN and Integrated V.92/56K Modem
15.0" TFT active matrix display that supports up to 16M colors at 1024x768
CD/DVD control function at the front of the console
9 cell, rechargeable, removable, Li-Ion battery that lasts approx. 2 1/2 hrs
16 bit stereo sound, built in stereo speakers with Direct 3D Sound
3 USB ports, 1 parallel port, 1 monitor port, and 1 TV OUT port

Things I will be including in the package will be a nice leather case, USB mouse and a sidewinder game controller, and a US mobility Easy dock 200 it give you 6 more USB's and keyboard port, mouse port and a printer port and a serial port.
Here is a link to the picture of it.

I also have a external DVD +r/rw drive I may let go with it. I just bought it and it was 200.00. I will throw in 5 disk I have left and 5 DVD cases also.

The laptop is in great condition, but I need more of a digital camera/media cpu. Plus I was taking it into work on the weekends and playing movies but they have stopped that now.

I have over 1700.00 invested in it and I know I will be loosing a lot of money.

I would like to get 800.00 for it and I will package the items up for free and you pay shipping.
I had a offer of 800.00 without the DVD burner but the girl back out after paying me a 500.00 deposit. Let me know and I will work with you.PICTURE

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i wouuld give you 300
haha, j/k

but may i ask why you are selling it?

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frank828 said:
sorry to break it to ya but computer resale value is extremely bad.

you can get a new laptop that is better than what you have for about the same price or less.

here is an example of one on sale from compusa

it is 799 after rebate
2.4ghz celeron
40gb hd
256mb ddr
15" screen

good luck on your sale
I like the "good luck on your sale" after you just ruined any chance he had of selling it on here.

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I hate to do it, but computer resale is painful, you'd be lucky to get $600 for it unless they don't know what they're looking at. One of my friend just bought that same laptop except a 40gig 512M and a a/b/g pcmcia wifi card with a brand new samsonite case for $600 on ebay. I just bought a dell latitude D600 with a centrino 1.4ghz 80gig HD, 512meg ddr, 14.1", 32 radeon 9000, mini PCI a/b/g wifi, metal chasis and case, and everything else you'd want for $900 on ebay and it weighs less than 5lbs. I bought the exact same laptop for one of my traveling techs direct from dell about a month ago and it was $2000 with my enterprise discount(regular $2800, they guy I got it from on ebay said he paid $2600 for it and I paid $900 :)).

I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade, just help out some prospective buyers, and help the seller understand how vicious the used PC market is.


Also keep an eye on dell. Several people from my work got a KILLER deal on dell laptops during xmas, they should have anotehr big sale soon. They had the dell inspiron 1100 with 2.4g celeron, 30 gig 5400rpm, 384mem, combo drive, 10/100, 56k, 14.1" for $500(they had a $250 off e-coupon) for $100 you could upgrade to 15", and if you got SBC dsl though dell they knocked another $150 off. There's 3 people in my group at work that got the laptop for $350($500-$150)!!!! brand new with dell 3 year in home warranty. Laptops are a nasty business right now.
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