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I've got a buddy who's looking at selling his rims:

Fittipaldi Force Rims in 18*8.5 with an offset of et25, 5*114.3. They are in need of some work... They are not curbed anywhere but the clearcoat is peeling in a few spots. They've been sitting for about 3 months outside, so they are dirty too, but overall they are quite nice. I am missing the two front center caps, but I do have the rears. If the offset were right, I'd throw them on my car - but alas, they just dont fit. :( These would look SICK if you sanded and painted them black and then sanded off the lip again and clear coated them after.

The tires are Khumo Exsta Supra 712's, staggered. The fronts are 225/40/ZR18's with about 35% left and some camber wear on the left inside tire only. The fronts are not mounted. The rears are 265/35/ZR18's with 30% and even wear and are still mounted on the rims.

I guess were taking offers on them. I prefer local buyers or So-Cal willing to meet me. I know it's a long shot due to fittment, but I figure there may be a few 350z owners, or g35 owners out there...

Link to rims:

A pic of rims for reference:

Link to tires:

A pic of tires for reference:

Dont waste my time if your not serious. I'm an honest person and I expect the same of you.
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