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What's up everyone, as some of you know my car was keyed a few weeks back and I think I'm at the point where I lost all motivation to keep modding the Accord. :banghead:

Found a decent deal on a '09 335i, so hopefully selling the mods will give me a decent down payment.

Anyways, here is a list of mods that I have for sale with a brief description of condition.

TSX headlight retro - Used for about 5k miles, chrome housing, gatling shrouds, tsx-r clear lens, color modification done. Pointed a little high, but I was lowered and didn't have problems (the occasionally high-beam here and there). I also have the Digital 55w D2S HID kit to go with these if interested. Also, no issues AT ALL with condensation.

Sorry for the crappy pics, it was raining on and off and didn't have time to clean up the lights. They're in good shape. Looking to get $400 plus shipping for just the lights or $500 plus shipping with the 5000k Digital 55w HID kit. New Price: $500 shipped with everything.

Left Headlight..

Right Headlight..

Light output with 55w kit..

Just a random shot with both projectors on..

Fujita CAI - It's the polished version, used for about 5k miles. This depends on if I can find my stock intake and intake resonator.

Looking to get $175 plus shipping and I'll buy you a new OEM filter from Fujita.New Price: $150 shipped as-is with current filter.

Focal Access Speakers - These are the A1's not the CA1's! They are the 165A1's in the front, and for the rear the 130A1's. We ended up replacing the 6x9's in the back, and I had a custom adapter made to fit in the 6x9 location. So pretty much, you have (2) 6.5" for the front, (2) 5.25" speakers in the rear, and (4) tweeters in total! These are pretty fresh, I got Focal to replace my old ones under warranty mid-way through summer.

Looking to get $350 plus shipping for everything.New Price: $300 shipped!. This includes all crossovers, tweeters, speakers, and adapters needed to put into your 7th gen Accord. You will need a amp for these speakers. Just for reference, these speakers go for $300 a set!

Front speaker..

Rear speaker and tweeter with custom adapter for the stock 6x9 location..

Crossovers and I believe one of the front tweeters..

Kenwood Excelon KVT-614 w/ Garmin GPS in custom bezel and Ipod wire - Purchased brand new. Got the idea from Nexson to have the headunit custom mounted to the top of the dash. I had my shop (who did ALL of the other work on the car) replicate his design and they did a great job! The piece looks OEM, and the best part is no one even knows it's there. After you turn the car off, it folds back in place and is virtually undetectable from outside. The reason I even went with the Kenwood is because they use Garmin GPS, and it works beautifully. On the portable units, I hated the fact that it would take forever for the satellites to get signal, and if you missed an exit it would take a while for it to get back on track. This isn't the case with the Garmin unit. Every time I turn on the car it's ready to go, every time I miss an exit I get the next step with-in a few seconds. I had the actual head unit for about 7-8 months, the GPS I had for about 3 months, and just got the Ipod wire in September.

This setup is pretty expensive. If you bought everything new at a retail store you would pay $1800 just for the equipment! I bought the radio brand new for $600, the navigation for $350, the bezel cost me $250, and the wire was free. You can have everything for $875 plus shipping.New Price: $700 shipped for everything! Also willing to separate, if you want just the headunit, bezel, and wire I can do it for $530 shipped!

List of items:
-Kenwood Excelon KVT-614 with remote
-Kenwood G510 (navigation)
-Kenwood KCA-IP300V (ipod wire)
-Bezel for top mount location


Brand New OEM 03-05 Front Lip painted NHBP - Bought this from the dealer a couple months back. Never installed, have all mounting screws/bolts, and double-sided tape is still on there.

I bought this for $315 shipped from CFL Honda. Looking to get $200 plus shipping. Also, the bolts are included, they're just not pictured.

Brand New 06-07 Rear Lip painted NHBP - Bought this from the dealer last month. Never installed, have all mounting screws/bolts, and the double-sided tape is still on there.

I bought this for $335 shipped from CFL Honda. Looking to get $225 plus shipping. Also, the bolts are included they're just not pictured.

Used 03-05 side skirts painted NHBP - Bought this from a member on here a few months back. He claimed he had them for a few months. I believe him, the paint is in good condition, but there are a few scratches here and there. Don't have any screws/bolts, but I was told I could re-use the ones off my stock skirts.

I bought these for around $235. I'd like to get $225 plus shipping on these.

If you buy the whole kit, you can have it for $600 plus shipping!New Price: $550 plus shipping for everything!

I'll have a few more things up for sale as I find them. Off the top of my head I have a 7" Directed monitor that Nexson made famous. Also have the V6 6spd front strut-bar. Also have some JL amps (1000/1v1, 500/1v1, 300/4v1) and some JL subs in box (1) 12w6v2 in JL box, and (2) 12W3v3's in custom box. I'll update the thread later with prices for those.

Thanks for looking, I'm clearing my PM box out as we speak, and I'll start replying to those of you who posted in the thread tomorrow/later today. Thanks again for your patience guys!

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask. I also have references from past sales as well if you need them!


Oh, and I'm located in Newington, CT just south of Hartford.

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interested in this. lmk price shipped to 92603. thanks.

RL Caliper and custom bracket for 7th gen - I bought these a couple weeks back from a Junk Yard, the calipers have about 35k on them (according the the junk yard). After buying them, I contacted Paul (NVA-AV6) for the custom brackets. The plan was to actually send them to Paul to get the calipers powdercoated and rebuilt. Just for reference, these calipers DO NOT need to be rebuilt, I was doing it more for looks (the rubber seals don't like 400°F from the powdercoating lol). These were never installed on the car.

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I'm interested in a bunch of stuff man! The front lip and side skirts, suede pillars/headliner, headlight and foglight retros, and maybe even the seats. Let me know the prices once you figure them out and we'll make a deal. (I live in Philadelphia if that matters at all)

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Interested in almost everything, your PM box is full.

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Hey guys, sorry for the delay, it was a hectic weekend!

I updated the original post to include prices for everything, and included some pictures. If you need more pics, don't hesitate to ask. I was in a rush and did the best I could with out a tripod.

For shipping big items like lips, it will be MUCH cheaper using Greyhound to ship it. They actually get you your package sooner, the only downside is you have to pick the package up at your local Greyhound Station. I got quoted $220 to ship a front lip to FL using Fedex and UPS. We used Greyhound and it ended up being just under $80.

Thanks, and I'm clearing out my inbox now, and I'll reply to you guys in the thread tonight after class.
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