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FEELER: Kicker High end car audio, etc.

Possibly looking at selling my equipment. I need some extra money and depending on how strapped I get, well you know. Just trying to see how much interest there is. Prices will be negotiable, and don't include shipping. Please no lowballers. All equipment used about 1 year except sx 1250.1 and sub they've been in about 6 months SXRC has been in about a month. All have been taken care of crossovers set, all equipment works perfect.

Kicker sx 1250.1
digital 1250 watt sub amp, 1-ohm stable
some scratches; end caps have been painted green

Kicker sx 900.4
digital 900 watt 4 channel; 225 x 4 at 2 ohm
some scratches; end caps have been painted green

2 pair of kicker ss 56.2 components
4 ohm; grills/ tweeter rings/ and crossovers have been painted green
90 watts rms/ 180 peak; will include the plates I made to fit these in the rear deck and spacers for front doors.
$300 per pair

Kicker SXRC
Remote control that let's you control ALL amp functions from the cab I have this mounted in my sunglasses holder.

Kicker 15 inch L7
Dual 2-ohm voice coils
1000w rms/ 2000w peak

2 audiobahn 1 farad capacitor with blue-led voltage display
some scratches on the body and I 'm not sure if I have the mounting equipment.
$100 each

Kicker 0-guage wire
I think it's about 20 ft. Includes fuse holder, 300a fuse, 2 battery terminals, and 2ft of ground. will also include the length to ground the battery to the body.

I have a Red top battery. Brand New. Was planning on putting it in to help with the power but obviously won't if I sell it all.

If I get rid of the equipment I also won't need my HO alternator
Alterstart 180 amp, had it for almost a year I believe. Lifetime warranty.

I also have just finished a fiberglass box and wooden frame for the spare tire well. The box is not cosmetically beautiful I was going to build a cover plate for it. It is vented and tuned to 32 hertz. It will raise the floor up about 4 inches. nd the amps fit one one each side. Sorry no pics of the completed install. Only want the money for materials back so $175

If you have any questions just ask and there are pics of most equipment here V
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