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1. Does the S/C have to be removed to install headers?
Might plan on getting Comptech headers down the road once I finish paying off the S/C and save up enough cash. I already have aftermarket headers but they aren't that great...sound wise.

2. Does the S/C have to be removed to re-adjust valves?
I still want to determine why I was only pulling 172whp N/A with full bolt-on mods + CL-S cams and V-AFC tuning before putting on the S/C. There are a few things I have in mind that might cause that problem (valves need to be re-adjusted, leak somewhere, timing slightly off after CL-S cams install). I'm going to have my mechanic check out whether or not it's needed.

3. Can compression and leak-down test be done with S/C on? Will results differ from not having a S/C on?
Same reason as number 2. I rather do this after my S/C install though because if I'm hitting my target numbers 250-260whp, then I'll leave it at that.

4. Can timing be adjusted with the S/C on?
Same reason as number 2 and 3

5. Any of you guys only using the ESM and Comptech FPR to tune the S/C with CL-S cams? How do you compensate for the vtec crossover difference?
Normally CL-S cams users will have to raise their crossover point in N/A form....not sure about when the car is boosted.

Thanks ;)

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I can only answer your first question. You can install headers without removing your supercharger. I did because I went from megan to comptech recently. The problem is the front peice of the header cant be pulled out because the supercharger is in the way. I took off the fan shroud thing to give me more space. Then I was able to get it out.

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1: Yes, but easier w/o S/C.

2:Yes, for the front valves. I had my back valves adjusted only because I could hear the back only ticking and didnt want to remove s/c. Honda adjusted my back only, after debate, and there hasnt been anymore ticking for over 15,000 miles.

3:Not sure.

4:Shouldnt have to.

5:Dont have!!!
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