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Hello to all.
It has been quite a long time in the making, but the transmission upgrade kit is finished. I would like to give you guys a little backround on why this took so long. Tony (TAG) came to me with a compnay that was willing to build an upgraded tranny for the 6th Gen Accord V6. So naturally I looked into it right away. we had some major business dealing, and negotiations through out the development stages. When all was said and done, V6 Performance Inc. plain and simply could not afford to get the exclusive. There were some major changes at the end that more-or-less made it impossible for us. However, I felt that you as members should NOT suffer from our losses. So the details are below, and were written by Tony who is the one who has this unit installed and tested so far.

Here is his information:
Because of demand for information and purchase of the tranny kit, I'll provide some information to the shop and some pricing.

As I stated before, the package I have is custom and I still would
recommend waiting for me to get the all the initial bugs out of the
picture. For those enthusiasts that can't wait, is the place to visit. They specialize in many different applications from foreign to domestic. As you can see on the site, in the products catalog, there are descriptions for various applications. There are three levels of upgrades for a given application:

Street Evil

Pure Evil

Maximum Evil

Unfortunately they don't have a product description for the accord
tranny; you can compare my particular upgrade to the "Maximum Evil" level. I'm sure the site will display a product description in the near future. The warranties described pertain to all products they produce, you can get further details from the site.

Now the price, as has been stated before, was $5,500.00. As the
prototype matured into final assembly and after more research and price negotiation, the prices continued to drop.

Currently the price is at $4,500, still as a custom product. Quantity buys or sales make things, namely prices for components, cheaper to purchase. Negotiations make a group buy possible at $3950.00 for at least 10 people. Time and effort put in for the V6P community has saved future buyers over $1,500. Definitely cheaper than the first unit that has worked flawlessly to date.

If enough members are seriously interested I can help coordinate this group buy. The process for obtaining this upgrade involves putting a down payment and a core deposit. The unit will be assembled, then shipped as soon as the product is paid in full, the core deposit will then be refunded as soon as you ship your original core back. Basically the product is an upgrade, the tranny is shipped with a core, fully assembled, ready to bolt up to your car, then you simply return your original core or lose your core deposit.

10 people with $1000 each will get the initiate group buy price. $500
deposit + $500 core deposit. Otherwise the $4,500 is the price you'll pay at the shop for those who want to buy alone.

So the breakdown of events for the GB again...

1) get on the list

2) wait for ten buyers

3) collect $1000 deposit from each member

4) tranny gets assembled

5) collection of remaining balance takes place and shipping of the
complete package follows

6) Return core back in container and collect core deposit back.

Note: I'm just facilitating the process, deposits via CC and payments go directly to the shop. In the event the ten members can't be possible, I'm sure we can try to negotiate some other price that may still be reasonable. I think it's a great price as it is, you can't imagine what hoops we had to jump through to get this low.

Feel free to PM me with any questions or comments...

NOTE: Make all question and comments ABOUT the trans in the thread already established for that! Just post your IN status here!
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