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Hi guys.
Actually, I wanted to get fog lights when I bought my car, but I couldn't.
Now, I have money to to get fog lights.
So, here are my questions.

1. OEM or aftermarket ? whom can I trust ?
2. If aftermarket, which brand is good ?
How much do i expect to spend on buying and installing ?
3. If OEM, how much is it for buying and installing at HONDA Dealer ?

I am NOT familiar to do it myself, so I do need body shop or dealer to get installation.
My car is honda accord 2000 EX sedan V6.
My headlights are PIAA 9005 and 9006.

Thank you very much.

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Get the OEM's but they are way to expensive at the dealer. They charge over $400 dollars for the parts and install! You can get them for really cheap other places.
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