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Sup guys, I am in the selling mode, and I think I am going to start parting my car. Here is the list. PM me with offers. I posted prices on the items that are fairly FIRM. I am willing to ship, buyer will cover shipping costs. SUSPENSION PARTS WILL BE TAKEN OFF IN A MONTH OR LESS. INTAKE, EXHAUST, THROTTLE BODY SPACER, GROUND WIRES, SIDESKIRTS, AND EVERYTHING ELSE WILL BE TAKEN OFF NEXT WEEKEND!

1. AEM V2 Cold Air Intake - has about 6,000 miles of use, a few scratches on the rear of the tube from the install. Comes with all hardware, box, and warranty information/papers. $200.00

2. SPE Helix Throttle Body Spacer v1 - comes with the longer bolts and possibly two gaskets. 6,000 miles of use on this also. (took sticker off) $75.00 ---SOLD---

3. Ground Wires Kit - silver in color, 6,000 miles of use. I still have the extra bolts and instruction sheets. $100

4. Tenzo-R Upper Strut Bar - red in color, connects to three strut bolts. $75 OBO

5. H&R Sport Springs - 15,000 miles of use. Fits V6 Accords, 1999-2003 Acura TL/CL. Black in color. $140 OBO

6. KYB GR-2 Shocks/Struts - 6,000 miles of use. Grey in color. $140 OBO

7. Eibach Sportline Springs - comes with the million mile warranty papers and original box. maybe, 10,000 miles? Red in color. Fits V6 Accord, Acura TL/CL. $140 OBO

8. Ingalls Rear Camber Kit - Used for about, 7 months? Great condition. $70 OBO

9. Magnaflow Cat-Back Exhaust - about... 14,000 miles of use. Only scratched once, VERY light scratches on the tips. Excellent condition exhaust. Welds are intact, comes with the warranty papers as well. PM ME YOUR PRICE

10. OEM kit sideskirts - taffeta white, excellent condition. (I have a few offers already, but not sure if I am going to be taking them off right away) PM ME YOUR PRICE

11. Type-R Shift Knob & Boot - self explanatory. $15

12. LEDs/bulbs
-two (2) sets of white LED wedges (fit courtesy lights, map lights, parking lights, rear license plate lights, trunk light-anything that uses 163/194 bulbs) $10 each shipped
-two (2) sets of Polarg B1 Hybrid Hyper White bulbs (MINT, almost new) $10 each shipped
-set of Polarg B1 Hybrid Hyper Blue bulbs (Mint, almost new) $10 shipped
-set of 1157 Hyper White LED Turn Signals (put them in to check them out, 24 LEDs for each) $20 shipped OBO
-set of red LED wedges (fit courtesy lights, map lights, parking lights, rear license plate lights, trunk light, rear side umper lights-anything that uses 163/194) $10 shipped ---SOLD---
-one (1) red LED domelight (Mint, 6 LEDs) $7 shipped ---SOLD---
-one (1) white LED domelight (brand new) $8 shipped

14. Clear Rear Bumper Lenses - these look GREAT with the red LED wedges. the glow matches the taillights PERFECTLY. $10 shipped ---SOLD---

15. Black Chrome Headlights - OEM reflectors, aftermarket lense, black chrome housings with clear strips instead of amber. Absolutely beautiful, they just need to be resealed and possibly might need a new lense (which I have sitting around somewhere) PM ME YOUR PRICE

So yeah, go ahead and throw me some PM's. I want to see how much I can get for all of these things, since I am going to sell my car and I want to get as much money as I can for my next "G" ride *hint *hint.

PM me or tell me your email address for pictures. I cant seem to upload pictures (my ISP is acting wierd) so give me your email and pictures will be sent ASAP!

I will be driving back and forth between the Bay Area and San Diego, so item location will be both Nor Cal and So Cal... :)

I deleted the other thread because that was just a Testing Waters Thread, this is now a FOR SALE Thread :) I will have most of the parts (intake, exhaust, spacer, ground wires, sideskirts, headlights off Halloween weekend. Everything else will be taken off VERY soon.

Thanks for looking!

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