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PRICE: $230 shipped, FIRM
PAYMENT METHODS: Paypal goods and services (you pay the fee) or USPS Money Order
SHIPPING METHOD: UPS (I will add signature required upon request, I will pay this fee)

New, steal sealed in bubble wrap. These use QA1 brand spherical rod ends. I do not know which version or part, but QA1 is well known and used in the motorsports community.

NOTE: The rod ends will require regular maintenance. You will need to clean them occasionally. You may need to lube them after cleaning with a DRY lubricant such as graphite. If you were to use a wet lubricant, like teflon oil, that is just going to attract dirt and could cause "binding". I never installed these so I never went forward with doing my extensive research on care and maintenance for rod ends.

These will allow you to fine tune the rear suspension. Here is the link for more in-depth info: Powertrix Rear Lower Control Arms + Static Plate Kit

As of today, PowerTrix lists these on their site for $399 plus shipping --> Search for Accord. I purchased these when they first introduced them and sold them at an initial price of $199 plus shipping. Later on, they sold these at the regular price for $299 plus shipping. But now, they are at $399.
Honda Accord Rear Lower Control Arms Kit







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