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A. What is for sale/trade (model, specs, etc.):
BlackBerry Curve 8900 T-Mobile Version
Comes with phone, charger, usb cable, and manuals.

B. Condition:
Used, but in pretty good shape.

C. Price/What you want to trade for:
$150 via PayPal shipped

D. Location of item:
Atlanta, Georgia

E. At least one picture of the item for sale or for trade next to a sheet of paper with the following on it:

The phone is pretty much flawless. The screen is in perfect condition (I used an InvisibleShield screen protector since day 1), and the body is in great shape. I've never dropped it and I've always had a case on it. There are slight scuffs on the bottom chrome bezel due to sliding in and out of cases, but it's not that noticeable.
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