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Hi all. so I'm extremely busy with work and my car has turned into a daily driver/grocery getter. I have a few items for sale, but only for local pickup.

1 tsx projector 55

1 tsx ballast 40

Adire Audio KodaII components New 250

old school ppi amp and an unused wiring kit Precision Power pcx-450 used (4

channel 4x50wattsrms). I planned on bridging this to run the Koda's.. 75

B&M transmission cooler & remote filter mount (missing one or two hose clamps) 60

Interested in:
New Aem Filter - Mine is so dirty and dented, and there's no way Im going to take the bumper off to reinstall the oem intake. No time! Or I'm mad lazy.. :( I still have 3mos hi-tech yellow wax caked on the right side of the car since before winter.. Oh yeah also interested in pc random orbital polishers.

Honda Coolant
Honda Brake Fluid
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