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Selling these:

1) Paradigm Monitor-3 Version3 bookshelf speakers. The speakers do not come with grills(wife tossed them out by mistake). The speakers are in EXCELLENT condition, not one scratch or scuff..speakers are about 10 months old. The speakers have 8 inch midwoofer and 1 inch metal dome tweeter and rear port. More info is on the paradigm site..

asking price: $250 local pickup(Edison,NJ) preferred.. shipping would cost an extra $25-30.

2) Definitive Technology ProSub200TL. The subwoofer is basically brand new and used for about 3 months tops. It's is a 12inch 250watt subwoofer which sounds awesome in a small to medium sized room. Subwoofer comes with grill :D

asking price: $300 local pickup(Edison, NJ) preferred... shipping would cost an extra $30-35.

If you're interested.. give me a call on my cell: (732)598-3311 or e-mail me @ [email protected] or just send me PM. I have pics of both the speakers and subwoofer and will send pics of these if you send me e-mail. Thanks!

Pankaj S. (L_fty)
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