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Hi guys, I have a set of OEM 16" that came off of my 03 EXV6. Two of the rims has some very minor curb rashes. I replaced two tires @ 23000k due to puncture w/ two new tires (Michelins) that now has about 80%+ tread remaining and I still has the old tires in the back with about 65%+ tread. * I'm asking for $350 OBO plus shipping.*

*I will be using DHL which is alot cheaper than UPS or FedEx. You can check out my ebay feedback, as well: tavu0001

*One more thing* They will be available to ship after this Friday b/c that's when my rims will arrive. Feel free to email me about photos.

-Thanks for looking, guys:up2: -Tuan
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