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hey guys, i got these sitting around and figure i may as well try to make some money

i did a little research to see what oem suspension typically sells for, and it seems for the whole shabang, going rate is around $90-125

the suspension is in top shape, doesn't squeek or anything. i took them out when i got teins at about 30k, put them back in when i sold the teins and then replaced them with hfp shocks about 5-8k miles later. so theyve got close to 40k on them, but no rust- i never drove the car in the winter season.

i would say let's start at $100 and negotiate, but id really rather not go lower than $90. so if this seems fair, (as its the lowest ive seen them sell on the forum) pm me your address and ill check on the shipping rates and get back to you so we can determine how/ where to go from there

thanks for looking and feel free to bump!

will post pics upon request
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