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I bought these for my car, an acura and found out they don't fit. The center bore is too small and will work on camrys, solaras, is300, etc, but not on acuras.

There are 5 wheels, all 17x7, all 50mm offset, from the 04 style solaras.

The wheels look straight, but i did not mount any tires on them as i tried to bolt them up first, thankfully in my case.

Anyway, if you look close at the pics, the previous owner used some type of cleaner on them that marked the clear coat up a bit. If you look at the wheels from certain directions you can see the discolorations. A few of them look pretty good, 1 is really noticeable.

Overall the rims are fine. If you wanted to use them for snows, or wanted to paint them or something like that these would be perfect.

They're not doing me any good other than taking up space right now.

There are 5 wheels as noted, so a spare as well for you.

I do have 4 tires, 215/50/17 michelins (3) and a 225/50/17 nitto tire that each have about 40-50% tread. If you wanted i could throw these in for an extra 50$ to get you on the road for a while. Again, just taking up space.

Currently everything is at my dad's place in Northeastern PA, if could be picked up there, or if you could wait a bit at my house in albany, ny. Also, will ship if need be.

Looking for 325 for the 5 rims. (375 with the tires - not mounted).

check the pictures on my yahoo photos page (solara wheels, cl tires)

[email protected]
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