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im selling these wheels w/tires for $1000. socal pick up prefered.

here are the specs:

18" Volk GTC wheels staggered with +50 offset. 5 lugs. gen7 accords will need to buy hubcentric rings.

front: 18x7.5" Rear: 18x8"

they also come with kumho ecsta asx tires (235-40-18 ) which only have 2000 miles on them.

the wheel for the most part is in good condition. the lip has a lil corrosion on the gloss, little minute scratches here and there, but no curb rash. one of the lip is slightly bent(and i stress slightly, because it's only noticable in sunlight). one spoke has a small little chip (not noticable). if you polish the lip, they'll be good as new. it didn't bother me to the extent where i needed to polish the lip.

please PM me or email me at [email protected] if youre interested!

1 - 20 of 27 Posts