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Okay i'm gonna try this one more time to sell it. I'm gonna sell them separately now.
1) 19" Motegi Tracklite. These are forged wheels so you guys know how strong and light they are. They are lighter or about the same weight as any 18" wheels. The color is flat black. There are couple very tiny curb rash. I'm gonna sell it for $400

2)I'm selling Yokohama S.Drive tires 225/35/19. I put it on and use it for 3 weeks, and i bought 18" wheels so these tires have to go. Approximately 95% thread wear. The grip is unbelievable and it looks really aggresive. America's tire sells these tires for $197 each and i also bought the road hazard warranty for $30 each. Here's the link:
That comes to the $908 for all 4 tires, but i used to work at America's tire Co and got hooked up for $750 for all 4 tires including the road hazard warranty. The road hazard warranty is transferable to whoever buys it.
I'm selling the tires for $675.

But wait, if you buy the tires and the wheels together, i'll let the go for $1000

I'm located in Buena Park, Orange County. Local is preferable, but i MIGHT gonna ship.
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