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Price $2,000 OBO Located in Orlando, FL

1991 Honda Crx HF

Vin: On Request
Mileages: 30k
Body Mileages: Around 100k



Jdm Dohc ZC - 30k miles
Magnaflow Full Header Back Exhaust
Aftermarket Cams (Came with engine)
Tomotorsports Full Coilover Set 0 - 4' inch drop
L31020427 Transmission (Supposly best D series Tranny made) - 30k miles
Short Ram intake
Gutted Interior, Besides seats/dash
91 Civic SI Knuckle - Driver / Passenger Side
91 Civic SI Caliber - Driver / Passenger Side
91 Civic SI Rotors - Driver / Passenger Side
GT Grant Steering Wheel

The Bad
There is only 1 Cylinder working, reading 180, but i will be throwing in a free D15. But the ZC is your's, if you want to rebuild it or whatever.


Sorry I dont have anymore Pictures, but I will be taking some soon and have it posted up!
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