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FS: 1991 integra LS stock (los angeles) $2000

craigslist listing:

1991 Accura Integra LS 4 door sedan for sale.

Vehicle Details Change Equipment
Engine: 4-Cyl. 1.8 Liter
Transmission: Automatic
Drivetrain: FWD
Mileage: 164,000

Selected Standard Equipment:
Air Conditioning (have all components but not working)
Power Steering
AM/FM Stereo Cassette

Selected Optional Equipment:
Power Windows
Power Door
Power Locks
Tilt Wheel
Cruise Control
After Market Factory Tint
Aftermarket CD player
Grey paint/Grey cloth interior
4 door
original everything (carpets, mats, windows, mirrors, rims, everything)

i am the second owner of this car. it runs great and has lots of power for its year. you can see the shape and condition it is in by looking at the photos. i will have interior photos as well soon.

installed cd player, but i have the original am/fm and cassette player i took out to replace it with the cd player.

as you can see in the photo, it had some cosmetic damage to the left rear bumper. this was caused by a hit and run while my car was parked on the other side of the hill, over the hill. the jack ass didnt bother to leave a note and there were no wintnesses. i am broke so i didnt bother to have it replaced. hence the low price on the car since replacing the bumper would be around $150-200. there is some oxidation in the paint (top gloss layer peeling) ONLY on the hood and bits of the trunk from being old, but it is still all together grey. there is no rust and no chips. some minor dings and small scratches. also the air conditioning does not work. i have tried to fix it twice, but gave up because it became too expensive. it has all the party, but something is not working. it is a really good looking for its condition. it has been a real trooper with me but im looking for a newer car.

in the kelly blue book in GOOD CONDITION suggested private party retail price is $2,400. the nada guide ( suggests the average retail price is $2,700. that is why i am selling it for $2,000 obo.

i think i have included all discrepencies and told all facts as accurately as possible. im not trying to rip anyone off. i just need a new car soon.

i will also be selling my red/black 2001 ninja 250 soon as well.
please email me to [email protected] or message me here.


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But good luck on the sales.
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