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Well my baby must go. I cant hold on to more than 2 cars at once, so the accord is gonna have to go :(. This car runs great, looks great, sounds great, not much more you could want. <b>Download the sales document with the link below to see more details on the car</b> (pics, specs).

Car is READY FOR SHOW (except i would add sparcos or something), if you want to add speed just do an H22, and this car is done.

no visibile rust (little bit on inside of driverside wheel well, been there for years hasnt grown)
Comes with stock wheels and velox lightweight 17's

<B>Asking 4,000k or best offer</b>. (blue book is $5200 for stock excellent condition 93 accord) If you want to payless, maybe take out some accessories you dont need (I can even put stock bumpers on with new paint) let me know. PLEASE EMAIL ME FOR INQUIRY [email protected]

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