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Aight heres the 411...

Honda Accord 1996 v6(ex)

157k on the engine, engine was rebuilt 4k ago. Had to change the head gasket so while I had it off I redid everything that needed to be changed.

Mods/ Perks
-Painted stock skirts & front & rear bumper skirts
-Aftermarket headlights and taillights
-Get 2 sets of rims. Chrome and stockies.
-AEM cold air intake
-Eclipse AV5101 Deck w/navigation and 6 disc cd changer & Commander.
-Alarm with hell of extras! (Clifford g4)
-Dynomated trunk (completely)
-0 Gauge wire ran to the back
-Amp for stock speakers

Now I am asking 5,500 OBO without deck & extras or 6,500 with deck & extras.

THe car needs a new hood and bumper. Hood got bent a bit and bumper has a whole in it.
2 tires on each set need to be replaced, I can probally get 2 of the tires for the chrome set off a friend.

Taking offers I need to sell this car like now!

<-- KBB Fair Condition Pricing!

<--- KBB Excellent Condition Pricing!

The above pricing was done by private party not by dealer!
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