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FS: 1998 Honda Accord EX V6-Windsor, ON, Canada & Livonia,Michigan

FS: 1998 Honda Accord EX V6 3.0L VTEC
Color: Green
Mileage: 137,000 Kms, yes you read it right. Its a Canadian Car with American Title. I had it imported. Its approximately 85,000 miles in US.

This car has everything. Leather, power everything. heated seats, mirrors, sunroof. Dual Exhaust. The works. It is BONE STOCK. I just recently bought new tires for the factory wheels.

The Good: Runs great, The transmission did have minor slippage 2 years ago when i bought it, but Honda fixed it and now it runs better than before, i havent had any problems with it. I have done all the scheduled maintenance on time. Oil changes, tire rotations, the works. This is my baby and my daily driver. The only reason im selling it is because i want to get the 4-cyl, hey, im on a student budget here.

The bad: It has a minor scratch in the front bumper that you can see. It will be fixed, im sending it to the body shop for a touch up.

Asking Price: 10,000 Canadian OBO. Approximately 7900 US. This is a pretty good deal, considering the dealers in Windsor are selling it for like 12,000 CAD.

Here is a link to my gallery
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