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FS: 19in Tenzo R GF7 Hyper Black 5 x 114.3

Contact information
[email protected] or 832.638.4949

Is the item new or used

Selling rims, tires or both
Rims and tires

19 x 8

Product description

Have a set of 19x8in Tenzo R GF7's that came off my 7gen honda accord. I have sold the car and they wont fit my new car so I am selling them. Drove on them for about a year. They come with 3 Nankang NS2 245/35 tires and on General Exclaim. The general is almost brand new, and one of the nankangs should be replaced soon. The rims are in good condition with your normal wear and tear. No ridiculously crazy curb checks, but there are a few small ones here and there.

Paypal Friendly.

I live in Houston and prefer something local but if you want to pay shipping I'd be more than happy to ship it to you.

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