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Hey Guys,

I know I'm new here but I have tons of feedback from Also I know a few members here that can vouce for me.

Its that time. Its really hard for me to have to put these up for sale. But as I am starting to part out my car these will have to go.
They are TRUE SSR Professor 3 piece wheels. They are not the US made one's but the Japan Made. Color is in Black with a Polish chrome lip, Semi forged wheels. This is a really rare set esp. for the size and offset I have. It took me almost 2.5 months to get these in my hands.

Wheel Size: 19x8.5
Offset: +37
Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3
Tires: Dunlop Sport Maxx 235/35/ZR19 All have 80%-90% Thread life left as of 6/1/06.

All wheels are in good condition. 2 of them do have about a 1/2" Marking on the lip from the place that mounted the tires. They did a front face mount instead of a reverse mount. The wheels have no CURBING, BENDS, CRACKS, or DAMAGE. The face of these wheels are beautiful.

I still have these on my car and I will NOT pull them off until I find a buyer. If you want to look at them your more then welcome to come look at them in person. Also I am running them on Tein and Tokico set-up. I had roll the rear fenders also use a 2mm spacer in the rear which is really small since the tires are so wide. I am located in So. Cal. For pics you can visit my cardomain site at

If you would like these shipped BUYER is responsible for all shipping cost.

These wheels retail for over $2500.00 without tires. Also These are almost impossible to find in the size and offset I have.
Asking $2400.00 with tires OBO
Without tires: $2000.00 OBO

If you have any questions please feel free to PM me or Call me at 626-922-5685
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