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FS: 2 12" infinity subwoofers w/MDF box, Sony Xplode @ 1200 watts max [UPDATED w/PIX]

ummm i have been thinking about this over and over and over and over and over for a while now...and i have decided to sell my sound not going to part it out selling it to someone who wants to bump HARD and does not want to put everything here are the specs:

2 12" infinity component subs both rated @ 1200 watts and 300 RMS
1 1200 watt Sony Xplode amp
custom sub box that fits into 6th gen accord trunk snug - wont move around/no custom cutting etc

the box is made of 3/4" MDF board, and it has a really tight seal (when you push on one sub, the other one pops out since the air will not escape elsewhere)

the subs are wired in series...the amp is drilled to the back of the sub...yeah

ok so im looking for $400 for the whole system...

OH YAH i have this capacitor rated @ 1.2 farad that i dont know how to work, ummm so i guess thats brand new and i dont know how to use it, so yeah you get a 1.2 farad capacitor.

you'll need to get the wiring from the battery to the amp, the RCA cable from the HU to the amp, and the negative cable from the HU to the amp. i know a cheap place where you can find that kuz...


PIX ARE HERE. i just took them like 5 min ago

^it fits in so snug, right under the seatbelt thingamajig

by the way, i put the rear seats down so you guys kud see the setup from the back, you can safely put the seats up with out hitting the sub or amp or anything :D
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