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Like new 2002.5 Protege 5 in mint condition!


This car was a 2002 and 1/2, which meant it received
the "mid-cycle" refresh. In plain english? That
means it has many of the same features the 2003 model year has.
The car received a sport 4-speed automatic
transmission, side marker turning lenses, 16" chrome
wheels, etc.

The car still has it's existing warranty remaining
until 50,000 miles or July of 2006, whichever occurs
first. I doubt you'll need it, but it's there if you
do! Wow!

White exterior with gray cloth interior.
4-door hatchback with fold down rear seats
Power steering, locks, doors, mirrors, etc.
A/C is cold and the heater works great!
Crusie, tilt, trip odometer
Sliding moon/sun roof--stock OEM part
4-spd automatic with sport shift option
keyless entry with 2-remotes. One remote may need a
new battery soon.
2.0 litre DOHC engine displacing 140hp.
Single disc CD player with 6 speaker OEM stereo
16" high polish chrome wheels
38,000 carefully cared for miles.
Car was driven 52 miles roundtrip, daily, on the
higway for it's life. It's rarely, if ever, seen stop
and go traffic.


Racing Beat Cat-back exhaust. Don't confuse this with
the Mazda "sport" axle back exhaust. The Racing Beat
exhaust is a true "cat back" designed my Mazda
enthusiasts. Made of high quality
alum., this exhaust will probably outlast the car.
Has a nice 3.5" tip, produces a nice growl that is
tasteful---not raspy or annoying. Doesn't drone at
all. $400.

Mazda front bugguard and moon/sunroof wind deflector.
$125 for both.

(4) Four Kuhmo ASX High performance tires mounted on
stock 16" high polish rims. $520. Good tire that
performs great.

4. (4) Four Bridgestone Blizzak WS-50 snow tires mounted
on steel rims with bubcaps from The Tire Rack. $490.
Simply the best in the snow. They have at least
another season left after the current season.

Maintenance Performed:

So, how to I put this without blasting myself? Well,
I'm anal---simply put. I'm the guy washing his car
twice a week and polishing at least every other week.
You know that guy in your area, right? I always say I
wish I could buy cars from me----they are clean, over
maintained and run great. With that...

At 38,000 miles the manual doesn't say anything needs
to be done outside of checks and an airfilter. Then
there's my world...

After taking ownership with 75 miles--actually just 2
miles when we picked it up from the trransferring
dealer, I ran the car for 1,000 miles (keep that
break-in oil in place) and replaced the oil with Mobil
1 5W30 synthetic motor oil, and a genuine Mazda oil
filter. I changed it again at 3,000 and one last time
at 5,000---same oil and filter type.
Oil then was changed every 5,000 miles with Mobil 1
full synthetic and a Mazda oil filter. $24 each

I have had the car aligned 3 times since I bought it;
most recently in November 2004 when I put the snow
tires back on. $210

Balance was done as needed, but
was done on a Hunter Roadforce GSP 9700 machine. $60.
Don't know what that is? Wow!

I've installed new Kumho tires as mentioned above.
The stock Dunlops didn't impress me much. $520

I've changed the spark plugs at 30,000 miles with
genuine NGK plugs. $10

I replaced the air filter at 30k with a genuine Mazda
filter. $15

I have cleaned the PCV valve at 15k and replaced at
30k. $5

There is no servicable fuel filter, but I have run
Redline ( and Valvoline Synthetic fuel
injector cleaner at each oil change. $10 each time.

I flushed the coolant system---not just the
radiator---but the engine block and heater core at
30k. $40 in parts.

I had the transmission flushed, NOT drained, by the
Mazda dealer at 30k. $125

I've replaced the rear brake pads. $40 Front pads
have 50% left and are in good shape.

I clean the throttle body every oil change.

I had the oil analyzed at blackstone labs. They said
the engine was in great shape and even suggested
extending my drain interval on the oil---I stuck to
5,000 mile drain intervals though.

Zaino. I polish the car with Zaino
every month. That's overkill, but man doesn this car
ever shine!!! I hate to admit this, but I wax the
doorjams, trunk and hood lips, etc. Check out the
pictures! No rust on the car.


There are some very light chips on the front bumper from road debris.
Very typical for the miles and very minor.
I had a small stone chip repaired on the windshield.
It's not in the line of sight and is small. I won't
hide from it though; it's there, but won't spread.

I've kept a log on Excel detailing the maintenance
performed, miles at which it was performed and the
cost. I'll provide with the sale. Next service is at 40,000 miles---oil change. No Rust!!!

Car has never been in an accident!



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wrong forum? But that car is cherry. Nice job keeping her clean. I am almost the same way(school in Rochester keeps me from keeping her as clean as i'd like..). When I get ouf of school though I'll be the same way. I like the excel spreadsheet idea... I'm going to steal that and use it when I get my next car.

nice car.. good luck... happy holidays. yada yada... ;-)

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Nahh---I meant to post it here. You just never know who might be interested. I have it posted on several forums for that very reason.

Thanks for the compliments. The car is truly in excellent shape. Runs great and looks awesome.

Happy Holidays!

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