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Well guys I think it's time for me to part ways of my Accord and get me a new one. I think i'm going for an Altima SE V6. Not quite sure though. I took a look at the new Tacomas and they look sweet. Need some more oomph anyway.

The car has 73k. That might sound like a lot but I do drive a lot for school. But it's all freeway miles, I can gurantee that. No stop and go.

Interior is good with minor wear and tear. I have upgraded the sound system with a Pioneer dual face headunit, that thing cost me a bunch. Also got a Clarion EQ, two 12" Fosgate 1000w subs, a Performance Tecknique 2000w amp and a DHD 200w amp. I'm telling you, this system you can hear for blocks away.

Exterior is great. Took care of it. I wash my car every week. I gave it a complete detail every 3-6 months. I have limo tint from the back doors on back. I think I have 35% on the front. Not sure, but at night you can see anything inside. It's great to protect your valuables.

Not many mods on it since I basically put it back to stock. The only thing is that I dropped it two inches with Skunk2 springs and Tokico Illuminas. It basically rides almost like stock and looks great. No camber kit. I have the stock 15" rims and tires on it. Tires are going to be replaced since I never got an alignment after I dropped my car.

Engine is great. Runs smooth. No vibration. Brakes are good. And very important, NO ACCIDENTS!

Well hopefully I can get some offers for my car. I'm located in So Cal. I'm offering $10,500 for my car. If anybody is intrested e-mail me or PM. Thanks for looking.

P.S: I will post some pics of my car. But they are with some rims I had on. If you want the rims, we can negotiate.
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