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I'm helping my friend sell his Maxima. Let me say that, this Maxima is one of a kind and it is flawless. I'm dead serious. HAHA. But anyways, here's some specs and mods. Some of the mods could be removed if buyer doesn't want it. PM if you have ANY questions.

~84k miles for $14,000 located in Oklahoma. There are NO codes and the condition of the car is in wonderful condition! If seller is serious with this vehicle, he can drive to Texas or somewhere that borders Oklahoma.

Rear 3-piece AE lip
2001 Tail lights
2002 Foglights
~15% window tint

Progress (front)
Maxspeed (rear)
Front strut bar
Progress rear anti-sway bar

JDM fully polished Work Vs-xx wheels and JDM Yokohama rear tires/BFGoodrich KD fronts. I just repolished them after the snow storm.
17x8 inch (front) and 17x9 (rear) with +35 offset. +8 mm spacer on all 4 wheels. 245/40/17 (front) and 235/45/17 (rear). The wheels are very flush with these specifications.

The car ran low 14s in 100+degree weather. The car sounds stock at idle and during crusing. It sounds almost like a stock 350z at WOT.

Gab intake w/new K&N filter
Cleaned MAF
Modded (upper) intake manifold
Hotshot headers w/ dual output o2 simulator (link to the install)

Budget mandrel bent B-pipe
Blacked-out stock muffler (tucked under)
Timing advance
Apexi Vafc2 (untuned)

Stock stuff:
Full exhaust (headers and B)
Wheels (16" with decent tires)

more pics..
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