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4 cylinder, 4 door, 5MT. asking 14500 OBO

edit: PRICE DROP: 14000

edit: first $12500 takes it

well, i'm sick and tired of nothing being available for the accord. i want big power, and i want it now dammit. it's most likely going to be an evo or a 3/s vr4. if anyone has a friend looking for an accord, please tell him/her about it. it's got the PITA mods still on it, so it's suitable for someone else to build up, or a family grocery getter. either way, it's a solid car.

Extremely well maintained lightly modified Honda Accord. Mobil 1 synthetic oil and Honda genuine manual transmission fluid changed regularly myself. Simply put, i just dont trust those wrench monkeys making $10/hr. New brakes replaced 10k miles ago, since OEM ones were noisy and had a recall issue. Other sellers either have never changed the brakes, or have decided to live with the grinding.

The car is lightly modified. Parts include: 15 inch gunmetal Rota aluminum wheels, DC sports exhaust manifold, stainless exhaust (moderately quiet), Hondata phenolic intake manifold gasket, Accord V6 6MT front strut bar and shift boot, Acura TL rear sway bar, Neuspeed short shifter, red powdercoated valve cover, Spoon sports Duracon shift knob, CapYoda shifter base bushings, Speed-Source shifter cable bushings.

The clutch is healthy, and all of my friends comment how easy it is to drive compared to their manual transmission cars. The synchros shift well with a solid "click" feeling into and out of every gear. and the engine is very strong. The transmission has NEVER been misshifted. The manual transmission makes the car significantly quicker than the automatic, and driving around the suburbs the car gets 29 mpg. The entire driveline is completely solid, and the car handles more positively than most other sedans.

The only real exterior blemishes are paint stripped from the edge of one doors when the keys were locked into the car and the AAA guy had to get the doors unlocked, and random scratches that always seem to appear in parking lots.

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