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Hey everybody, I decided to clean my cluttered garage tonight and found a bunch of OEM stock parts laying around so I decided to sell it all in hopes to get some small change. Here's the list of the parts I'm selling, I prefer to do local but will ship if requested. I also included a description of the item of when it got removed and the reason and all that stuff. Enjoy!

All these parts are from a V6 and may differ from the 4 cylinder versions of the same car. Feel free to ask me questions and do some research before committing to a purchase. PM if you want more detailed pics of any of the parts.

-Front Brake Discs: OEM, nothing wrong with them, I replaced them with brembo oem replacements because I thought they were causing some weird brake noise, but even after replacement the noise did not go away. I had them turned right before i took them off and it has only been turned that one time. There aren't any scratches on the discs, just marks that could be removed with brake cleaner. 10 bucks

Power Steering Pump: OEM, took it about 2 years ago because i heard some whirring noise. Problem is, I was stupid enough to just replace it without checking the PS fluid level which may have been the reason for the whirring. So this pump is 50/50 chance on working i don't know. If it doesn't work properly you can dismantle it and use whatever parts that aren't broken. if it works, you my friend have benefitted from my loss since i'm selling this thing for cheap.
20 bucks

Rim Caps x2: OEM, fits any 16 inch steel rims (does not have to be honda specific if you wanna do a toyota honda hybrid thing lol), has some curb rash, and one of them has a small chip on the side which won't hinder it from working as it should. The other cap has a broken tab on the backside (pictures will show it) but it still fits snug and it won't come off (never came off on me). Reason for being off my car: i got SI rims.
5 bucks

Rear Sway Bar: OEM, i believe the 4 cylinders don't have one or have a smaller one, but this is a 15mm OEM V6 Sway bar and it comes with the same bushings as it was installed from the factory when bought brand new. Reason for being removed from my car: i got larger ones with Poly Urethane bushings.
10 bucks

V6 Sedan Springs: OEM, came with the car, has approximately 45,000 miles on em (car currently has 60k miles with new springs), and look fine, still shines with a few little spots of what looks like paint? I have no clue what they are, maybe something honda did to mark the springs? But they don't affect the springs at all and these work great. Reason for removale: I wanted to lower my car so I bought Tein S-Techs.
20 bucks

Altogether it would come up to be 65 bucks (lol), but I can sell you the whole lot for 50 (plus shipping if not picked up). I just wanna get rid of this and maybe make some cash to buy myself a nice dinner :up:, but if nobody wants any of this I'm gonna assume that it's junk and it'll go in the trash (or recyler or whatever applies to their disposal).

Disc 1

Disc 2

PS Pump

Rim Caps




Springs (V6 Sedan)

remember, PM me if you have any questions. Thanks.
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