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SOLD: 7th Gen Accord Front and Rear Big Brake Upgrade [$300 Shipped]

This kit will fit all 03-07 Accords V6 6MT. This can fit other 7th Gen models as long as you get the 6 speed caliper. You will need at least 17” wheels to clear the calipers in the front. This system was used for about 3000 miles and the reason why I am selling is because I am going to sell my car. This is an excellent brake upgrade for those that don’t want to spend a lot of money or for those who do not want to replace the calipers and have to bleed the brake system. This caliper bracket and adapters was provided to me by I decided to purchase the rotors from a different source. This kit upgrades the 6 speed coupe to 12.6” front rotors from 11.8” and in the rear 12.3” from 10.1”. That is a huge increase especially in the rear. This kit really evens out the brake bias and combined with good tires will decrease stopping distances. The front rotors are from a 2006 Altima SE-R and the rear are from a 2005 MDX. This kit uses the different rotors but the Accord front and rear brake pads are still used. The installation is pretty straight forward, I will include the documentation given to me by Fast Brakes and if needed I can help guide you through installation. This is over an $800 value and I am looking to get $300 for this setup. I prefer PayPal, but I will also accept money orders. Express shipping is also included in the price. Feel free to me ask any questions.

Parts Included:
• F/R Caliper bracket adapters
• Acura Legend Front Caliper Bracket (w/ above $400.00 value)
• Required Mounting Hardware
• 12.6” Cyro-Stop Front Rotors (160.00 value)
• 12.3” OEM Rear Rotors (60.00 value)
• Brand New Hawk HPS Front Brake Pads (97.00 value)
• Used EBC Green Stuff Rear Pads (53.00 value)
• Free Overnight Federal Express Shipping [tracking number will be provided] (40.00 Value)

The Rotors

The Hardware

Front Overlap Comparison

Front Side by Side Comparison

Front Upgrade w/ Wheel On

Front Stock w/ Wheel On

Front Open Upgrade

Front Open Stock

Rear Overlap Comparison

Rear Side by Side Comparison

Rear Upgrade w/ Wheel On

Rear Stock w/ Wheel On

Rear Open Upgrade

Rear Open Stock

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question: would these fit on the front of an LX 4cyl accord?
These can fit any of the non 6 speed models if you get the 6 speed calipers. You can pick them up from for $70/each. No core charge.
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