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Its gettin were i cant afford two cars, so I'm puttin the e30 up for sale.

1987, Red w/ black leather, paint and seats in good condition, interior is clean. Front lip is kinda rough, no foglights

New parts are:
Fuel pumps
fuel filter
pass. frnt wheel baring
slave cylinder
ref. sensor
Bosch +4 platinum plugs
ignition assembly
Cerwin Vega/Polk speakers
various coolant sensors
...and i think thats all

5speed, only thing wrong with it as it sits is a possible bad water pump, broken tach and broken odometer. Mileage is estimated at around 200k or so. Car runs strong, has a valve tick to it, prolly due to need for another valve adjustment. Oil changed regularly with castrol 20w-50. Exhaust is all custom true dual 2.25 pipe thru a cherry bomb then out thru a mellowtone muffler, its loud. If your interested let me know, located in winston, NC. Asking 2000

older pics
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