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I have a pair of 9012 HIR bulbs that is already modified to fit the 9006 low beams. The output is quite a bit brighter than stock and you will definitely notice the difference. It's whiter and a brighter than stock. I just put the stock ones back on a couple weeks ago and it's not as bright as with the HIR's. I was thinking of not getting HID's anymore and was quite happy with the HIR's. Reason I'm selling these is because I'm getting a projector retrofit for my car again (just can't stay away from retrofits :( ) so I don't need these anymore. Bought them a little over a month ago but I've only had them in my car for like two weeks or so with maybe 3-4 hours of use total.

Here's the thread I posted after I got them on =P

to learn more about HIR bulbs check out this link...

i might be stupid but i bought them for $47 each bulb at nissan...i'm asking $40 shipped or $35 local pick up.
btw, i don't have paypal anymore so i take money order or cash for local =P
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